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Our Partners

We partner with best-in-class technology platforms to bring measurement of both online and offline advertising and marketing campaigns.

Lucid + Triangulum

Triangulum was engineered with an emphasis on building analytic platforms that integrate with multiple data sources. The Lucid data stack was one of the first ones to integrate with Triangulum. We leverage Lucid’s flexibility in terms of questionnaire length, sampling approach, and data connections available to design the best approach to measure a campaign or the deliverables required. Our efficient integration with Lucid provides exposure measurement, survey recruitment, data collection, and reporting. 


Lucid is a global sample platform. With access to over 430 million consumers worldwide, they deliver results from a quality sample source in real time.

Samba TV + Triangulum

Through our partnership with Samba TV, we have the ability to measure key metrics among respondents exposed to a particular TV campaign, and extend those learnings for cross-media measurement. This approach allows us to understand the impact of various elements of the campaign, such as creative, length, and frequency, on the brand. Our integration provides the ability to better understand the impact of a cross-media campaign. 


Samba TV is a multi-source television panel with access to shared household TV viewing information.

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