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We deliver actionable research in a proprietary dashboard that allows you to cut the data in different ways to gain greater understanding.

Ad Effectiveness

We customize brand and campaign measurement programs that meet their specific business objectives. We have practices in place to measure TV, Radio, Digital, OOH, Social and Experiential. Our experience includes A/B testing, Test/Control, Pre/Post/Control, Matched and Split Local Market Tests, Forced Exposure Tests, Event Sponsorship Research, and Longitudinal tracking.

Creative Concept Testing

In addition to measuring campaigns that are live/in-flight, we help you understand how your creative concepts may be perceived by consumers before you invest in the media. Our approach includes innovative AI-driven qualitative elements coupled with quantitative data to help generate in-depth learning of concepts or messages to help your creative teams through their development process.

Brand Tracking

Our brand-tracking solution is rooted in the idea that clients should be able to have their results at their fingertips and be able to query the wealth of information that brand trackers provide. We achieve this through easy-to-use dynamic visualizations and our team’s expertise in brand-tracking measurement to help you keep a pulse on how consumers perceive and interact with your brand and in the broader category

Custom Research

A broad area of expertise, our team works with clients and agencies through a range of research-driven projects using various methodologies. Through exploratory or complimentary research (including qualitative in-depth interviews and focus groups, and comprehensive category, brand attitude, and usage studies), and event evaluation we can support agencies through the entirety of the campaign, from development to execution.

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