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Our Team

Our team of advertising-measurement experts empowers data-driven decision making.

Our Expertise

Triangulum team members have degrees in marketing, business, social science, and analytics. Our data science team implements high-end analytic approaches using tools like R, Python, SQL, and SPSS to name a few.


Our team is led by Jim Forrest, who has over 20+ years of experience working closely with innovative consumer and media brands to identify emerging trends and measure media and marketing activities responding to those trends. His passion for applying the latest technology and most up-to-date behavioral science to consumer insights led him to create Triangulum Insights. Jim was using biometrics and non-conscious measurement of emotional response in the late 1990s, digital and mobile data in the 2000s, and over the past years has focused his efforts on holistic integration of digital signals and survey data. That is, he is always at the cutting edge of the measurement industry. 

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